Windows Server 8 Beta test


Microsoft has released the beta version of its Windows Server 8 and it is work-in-progress version of the next generation of Microsoft’s general-purpose server operating system. With Windows Server 8, everything from server deployment to high availability becomes smoother and more automated.



Windows server is a server system of the first version of the Microsoft operating system can be built in Consider virtualization and cloud deployments. Windows Server 2008 may have been the first to support Hyper-V. Windows Server 8, server virtualization is a key reason, in architecture, the new framework, Active Directory Domain Services, the biggest change to make it easier to virtualized domain controllers and Active Directory task configuration command the speedy implementation of the cloud. Windows Server, tools for imaging, server management, virtual disk and physical server are some of them.



In its consumer version of Windows Server 8 on Windows 8th MTR interface with a home screen, but most administrators almost never do not see, unless you leave your desk to find another tool. Administrators will spend more time at the Server Manager, the management tools on the dashboard, allowing them to control all the servers in your company’s configuration, and create a script that can be used to automatically configure new physical or virtual server, in-house or cloud somewhere.




The installation of Windows Server 8 is basic characteristics of a completely wizard-driven process, using PowerShell behind the scenes, set up a remote server. New installation using the GUI, either on a single physical server or virtual machine will give new feel. You can also install the upgrade installation on an existing server or Windows server only master. It should be noted that the choice of the entire system or kernel does not mean exactly the same as the previous Windows Server versions without having to make a complete operating system reinstall, you can change from one to another.