Windows Easy Transfer


Windows Easy Transfer

The previous versions of Windows Easy Transfer were hard to figure out, Luckily Microsoft also thought about it and has developed the right tool to solve the issue.The new version of Windows Easy Transfer detects all user profiles on a single PC and allows customers to pick and choose which of the user profiles they want to transfer files from. It now includes a file explorer so you can easily choose exactly which files to copy to your new PC..The step-by-step process that enables you to move all your documents, photos, music files, videos, Internet favorites, user account settings and more between your systems.

Step 1

Start with the old Windows 7 system and go to Start >> All programs>>Accessories>>System tools>>Windows Easy Transfer



Step 2

Click “Next” and Choose a option to transfer your profile.



Step 3

Select “This is my old computer” to continue



Step 4

Note down the Transfer Key and go to new Windows 7 system



Step 5

Click Next to Transfer the profile and also you can select what you want from the list.




After the transfer you can use your new system with your old profile.