Windows 8 review

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is now available to the public. Comparing to the developers preview, windows 8 Consumer Preview has got many updates in the user interface look. The new logo for Windows 8 Consumer Preview is different from the old one and it suites Metro interface. Windows Explorer in windows 8 has simple changes when compared to Metro. It is designed for both tablet and desktop which is very good thing to see.



For the first time Windows has implemented app stores in windows 8. All apps and programs can be accessed via Explorer and metro. Personalizing App is very easy by swiping from the right edge of the screen. Under PC setting you can find personalize, users, notifications, search, share, general, privacy, devices, wireless, ease of access, Sync settings, etc. Task Manager is updated to show process in a group. The amount memory used for a process is shown in MB and the network usage in Mbps. Internet Explorer 10 is introduced inWindows8.





It has two modes to access one for normal explorer and other for metro interface. Switching between the tabs and window is done by swiping or with a tap of a finger. The screen can be split into two parts in a ratio of one to three. To do this, the app is dragged from the upper edge into the center and then to the left or right edge until the divider appears. When the app is released, its size is reduced and only takes up a quarter. The Ribbon interface in Office is updated to explorer. Using Ribbon interface you can easily do following tasks, “Create new folder”, “Properties”, “Rename” and “Delete”, “Undo” and “Redo” etc. Finally Windows 8 will be a tough competitor for android and ios.



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