Vim Editor tips

Vim Editor tips

In this post we are going to see about some very basics of Vim editor. It will be helpful for the linux newbies.

Vi and Vim editor tutorial

There are three modes in VI and VIM editor they are given below

1.Command Mode

2.Insert Mode and

3.Exit Mode

Tips to use vim Editor easily on Command mode:

0             —> To go to the beginning of the line

$             —> To go to the end of the line

gg           —> To go to the starting line of the file

shift + g   —> To go to the ending line of the file

Ctrl + r     —> To Redo the last change

Escap + u    —> To undo the last change

nG           —> It goes to nth line (n is any number)

!cmd        —> Run any Shell command from inside the vim Editor

:set nu     —> It will show number of each and every line in the file

:colorscheme color –> It is used to change the background color of vim editor

:n            —> It also goes to the nth line of the file

To learn in depth about Vi and Vim editor please check VIM tutorial as well.

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