Top Ten Best Android Apps


ChuChu Rocket! Android Game


Its a puzzle video game developed by sonic team, Developer – yuji naka


ChannelCaster Android App


Its a news reader application , it offers wide selection of media

Exfm Music Android App


xfm is designed to provide you with a way to find new music you might like. It takes a sort of crowd-sourcing approach to music finding, relying on lots of recommendations from music blogger and other users to highlight new stuff that’s worth listening to.

Blood & Glory Android Game


It lacks the slick and polished feel of Infinity Blade, but Blood & Glory is still fun to play, especially as it’s such a looker.

Route 66 Android App


GPS based mapping and navigation app with Follow Me™ augmented reality navigation.It has instant access to over 100 maps.

Get Taxi Android App


GetTaxi, ordering taxis instantly from your phone or online. No calls. No hold music. No queuing. Just click and watch your taxi on a map in real time.

Race of Champions Android Game


Good graphics, good gameplay and an interesting car racing game.

AirDroid Android App


AirDroid is a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage & control your Android devices (phone & tablet) from a web browser.

Riptide GP Android Game


Its a quality water racing game for mobile.

WorkSnug Android App


WorkSung is an apps that aims to show remote workers the best spots nearby where they can use their laptop. The app provides information not just on whether Wi-Fi is available, but also lets you know whether there are power points that you can use and also noise level