Symantec Antivirus source code got stolen,Hackers demanded $50,0000 to keep the source code private


Symantec Antivirus source code got stolen,Hackers demanded $50,0000 to keep the source code private

The Famous Antivirus Company Symantec source code got stolen by hackers.The Hackers Group Demanding $50,0000 to keep the source code private.



According to the email correspondence between the company and a hacker,Symantec has confrimed that more than a gigabyte of source code from their company had been stolen by the Hackers.Symantec had also revealed that the hackers had stolen the source code of 2006 versions along with other Symantec products from the same time period, and warned their users of PCAnywhere to disable its functionality until they patched the program earlier this month.The email exchange between the company and the Hacker is given below

“We will pay you $50,000.00 USD total,” Thomas said in an e-mail dated last Thursday. “However, we need assurances that you are not going to release the code after payment. We will pay you $2,500 a month for the first three months. Payments start next week. After the first three months you have to convince us you have destroyed the code before we pay the balance. We are trusting you to keep your end of the bargain.”

Symantec conducted an internal investigation into this incident and contacted law enforcement, given the attempted extortion and apparent theft of intellectual property.

The Hackers group also threaten the Company that if they detect any malevolent tracing action,they cancel the deal and put the source code on sale.

The company confirmed that “old” source code stolen by the hackers had exposed vulnerabilities in the program which allows remote access to computers.Other programs affected include Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, Norton Internet Security and Norton Systemworks (Norton Utilities and Norton Go Back).

However, only PC Anywhere is said to be at risk,until the releasing of  pathches for PC  Anywhere by Symantec.


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