Some Specific Technical Terms Definitions

 Learn the list of some Specific Technical Terms Definitions

Algorithm : A set of procedures designed to accomplish something. In the case of computer software, the procedures may appear to the user as a configuration of software components

Bandwidth : The bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted through a network in a given period of time.

Baud rate : The Baud rate is the number of bits of computer information transmitted per second.

Bit : The smallest possible unit of digital information, numerically either a 1 or a 0.

Buffer : An area of memory, It temporarily stores input or output data.

CD-ROM : Compact disc read-only memory. A compact disc format that can store data other than just standard CD audio. Many programs, sound sample libraries, and graphics are distributed on CD-ROM because each CD can store hundreds of megabytes of information, yet costs about the same to manufacture as a floppy disk, which only stores about 1 megabyte.

DirectX : This Microsoft Windows API was designed to provide software developers with direct access to low-level functions on PC peripherals. Before DirectX, programmers usually opted for the DOS environment, which was free of the limited multimedia feature set that characterized Windows for many years

Modem : An Electronic device (modulator/demodulator) that converts analog carrier signal to encode digital signal and also converts digital signal to . analog carrier signal

Motherboard : The Motherboard is the main circuit board of the computers,which holds important components of the system , that would be the responsible for the computer operations.It is also known as main board, system board

Parallel interface : A connection between two pieces of hardware in which several data lines carry information at the same time.

RAM : Random access memory. RAM is used for storing computer data. The would be lost if the power is removed..since it s a temporary storage

ROM : Read-only memory. A type of data storage whose contents cannot be altered by the user. An instrument’s operating system, and in some cases its waveforms and factory presets, are stored in ROM.

Serial interface : An electronic connection between two devices in which digital data is transferred one bit after another, rather than several bits at a time.

Sound card : A circuit board that installs inside a computer adding new sound capabilities.

Upload : To transfer a file from a computer to another via computer networks

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