Red Hat company Announced their new beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8


              In the Red Hat life cycle Model a new Beta Release for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8 is announced on January 16 2012. It includes new functionality with some updates on existing features.The most Notable updates is on security, virtualization, power management and also supporting of latest hardwares are also available with this release.

 Some Described Key features of this Beta release are as follows:


On virtualization now the spice-client package adds the support for RHEV 3.0 and RHEL 6.2 Servers.In addition to the Local Area Network the updates also allow the users to access wide area network Connection on their virtual machines.

Security Management

Now the OpenSCAP (Open Security Content Automation Protocol) support is governed with the SCAP 1.1 (Security Content Automation Protocol) specification with this Beta release.

Installation and Operation Management

To manage the latency of devices,Power Management Quality of Service provides automatic Power Management at the device level and over a period of time based on Quality of Service needs.During the critical production ,the server Administrators can Support for Power Management Quality of Service (QoS) provides automatic power management at the device level for managing latency and throughput based on QoS needs. During critical production windows, system administrators can apply a high-performance, low-latency mode in place of achieving power savings.

You can access the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8 beta release  at the following link:

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