List of Computer Related Technical Abbreviations

List of Some Basic Computer Related Technical Abbreviations

In this blog we have given abbreviations or full form of computer related technical words. It will be handy and useful.

List of Computer Related Technical Abbreviations


CMOS      –       Complementary Metal Oxide Semi Conductor
BIOS        –        Basic Input/Output System
ROM        –        Read Only Memory
RAM        –        Random Access Memory
CPU         –        Central Processing Unit
IDE          –        Integrated Drive Electronics
SATA       –        Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
VCD         –        Video Compact Disk
DVD         –        Digital Versatile Disk
USB         –        Universal Serial BUS
ASCII       –         American Standard Code for Information Interchange
GUI          –        Graphical User Interface
NTFS       –        New Technology File System
FAT         –        File Allocation Table
MAC       –         Media Access Control
IP           –         Internet Protocol
DNS       –          Domain Name System
HTTP      –         Hypertext Transfer Protocol
FTP        –         File Transfer Protocol
TCP        –         Transmission Control Protocol
UDP       –          User Datagram Protocol
E-Mail   –           Electronic Mail
PDF       –          Portable Document Format
SQL       –          Structured Query Language
HTML    –           HyperText Markup Language
XML      –           Extensible Markup Language
PHP      –           Personal Home Page

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