Linus Torvalds has been shortlisted for the World’s largest technology prize

Linus Torvald, the creator of Linux Kernel has been shortlisted for Millennium Technology Prize, 2012. This Millennium Technology Prize is considered as the world’s largest technology prize. The Prize worth is more than €1 million ($1.3 million).


 The Technology Academy in Finland has approved Linus Torvald name for the creation of Linux Kernel, which made a revolution on open source. There is another one candidate shortlisted for this prize, Japanese stem-cell researcher Shinya Yamanaka . Yamanaka is nominated for his research on ethically sustainable methodology, the way to develop induced pluripotent stem cells without the use of embryonic stem cells.


This Millennium Technology Prize was awarded for every two years, previously the Technology Academy honored other contributors to the field of information technology.


The first Millennium Technology Prize had won by Tim Berners-Lee in 2004, for his creation of the technology underpinning the worldwide Web . In 2006 Shuji Nakamura won the prize for his invention of new light sources. In 2008, Robert Langer won the prize for his development of materials for controlled drug release and tissue generation. In 2010, Michael Gratzel was honored with the prize , for his creation of dye-sensitizsd solar cells. The  winner of 2012 will be announced on June 13.