Know about Trojan Horse computer viruses

Know about Trojan Horse computer viruses 

Trojan Horse Virus or simply Trojan Virus is a malicious program that will seriously attack the computer system. The name ‘Trojan Horse’ is derived from the story in Greek Mythology  in the Battel of Troy  which setup outside of the city of Troy. This Trojan virus is one of the major type of malware among the system viruses .  Unlike the other Computer virus Trojan Virus does not infect the computer files nor Spreading themselves inside the computer like a computer worm. It is designed to attack a computer system by allowing a hacker to access the infected system remotely. If a Trojan virus is installed in a computer system , the hacker may access that system remotely and perform various actions like data theft, modification and deletion of files , damage the system sofwares, upload and downloading of files etc., without the permission of system user.


There are seven types of Trojan horses based on how they offend the systems and the damage caused by them.

Remote Access Trojans – This type of Trojan provide the hacker or attacker with complete control of the infected system.

Data Sending Trojans – This type of Trojan provide the attacker to theft the sensitive data such as passwords, credit card information, log files , e-mail address or any personal data’s of system users. . Since it will seek the pre-defined data like password, email-id named files.

Destructive Trojans – This type of Trojan horse had destroy and delete files on the computer. In many cases this type of Trojan viruses cannot be detected by anti software .

Proxy Trojans – This type of Trojan Virus will use the infected system as a proxy server . This allow the attacker or hacker to do anything they want from your computer.

FTP Trojans – This type of Trojan horse is desined to upload and download file from the infected system by connecting through the ftp port

Security software disabler Trojans – This will disable the security system of the computer such as anti virus and firewall on the system.

Denial-of-service attack (DoS) Trojans – This type of Trojan is designed to flooding the system’s network traffic by generating the fake request like ping , HTTP request etc.,