Introduction to Percona Server


Percona Server is the  replacement for MySQL with  sophisticated features  . It was developed by Percona Sofware , the MySQL support and Consulting company with 24*7 service to their users worldwide . Percona develops softwares like Percona Server , Percona XtraDB Cluster , Percona XtraBackup and  Percona Toolkit . All the Percona software is open-source . Percona DB

Why to use  Percona Server ?

  • Percona Server is more faster than MySQL, where MySQL uses innoDB storage engine and Percona Server uses XtraDB storage engine  for high performance
  • Percona Server is an open-source and  100 % free of  charge
  • It is Highly scalable.
  • Ability to recover from corruption, crash-safe replication
  •  Easy to backup and import/export tables online
  • Percona server is more flexible and easier to administering

Companies using Percona Server with XtraDB

Some of the Leading Percona Server users are Opera Software , Stumbleupon , Flickr ,,  Bluehost etc.,

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