How To Install Windows 7

Windows 7

Windows 7


Step 1

Power on the PC press F2 or Del key to enter into BIOS setting,change the first boot device to CD_ROM and press F10 to save settings.

Step 2

Now restart your system and insert the windows 7 DVD, it will ask to Press any key to boot from cd or dvd.

Step 3

Just press any key so the the installation process starts.

Step 4

Setup will load windows files and Install Now screen appears, click Install Now to continue.

Step 5

Accept the License agreement by clicking the check box and click next.

Step 6

Click Custom to customize the partition, click advance option to edit the partition table to your requirement.

Step 7

To create a partition, select the unallocated space and enter the partition size(in MB) and click apply to create partition. You can create any number of partition for your use.

Step 8

Now select the partition in which you want to install and press next to continue installation.

Step 9

Windows will run the setup file and restart several times during installation, once the installation is finished it will ask for User name, key and new password to finish the installation process.

Step 10

Now It is done and you have successfully installed windows 7 on your PC.

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