How to Fix Boot Problem in Windows 7


We have often faced such booting problem in windows 7.To fix this problem we make partition with xp and then install windows 7.There is a simple way to fix this problem and it will save your time too.We can fix this problem by repairing the Boot loader files in windows 7. Following steps will help you to understand in detail.

Step 1

Power on the PC press F2 or Del key to enter into BIOS setting,change the first boot device to CD_ROM and press F10 to save settings.

Step 2

Now restart your system and insert the windows 7 DVD, it will ask to Press any key to boot from cd or dvd.

Step 3

Just press any key ,then the repairing process will starts.

Step 4

 System will load files and the below screen appears

Step 5

Click on “Repair Your Computer” as shown.

Step 6

Again some windows component will load and then the below screen appears


 Step 7

Click on “Command Prompt” and enter the following command to fix boot issue.

                                          bootsect /nt60 c:

Step 8
Now restart the system, it will boot correctly and windows will work fine.

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