How to Create USB bootable windows 7


How to Create USB bootable windows 7

USB Flash device is a revolutionary product which made many changes. USB flash device is used as installation source to boot and format a system. Now i am going to explain you a simple way to make USB bootable windows 7.For that you need a windows 7 DVD or ISO image and a pen drive (4 GB).

 Step 1

            First download WINDOWS 7 USB/DVD DOWNLOAD TOOL software and install it.

 Step 2

            Launch the installed software as shown below

Step 3

          Browse the source file and select it.

Step 4

           Now select a media type to continue. Here i am going to make a USB bootable flash drive, so select USB device


Step 5

            After that click on Begin Copying and it will ask for a conformation and Waring as shown below


Step 6

            Click Erase USB device and then click Yes to continue

 Step 7

            After completion the below image will appear.

Step 8

           Now it is all over unplug the USB device and put it to the system in which you want to install windows 7.


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