Date command in linux


Date command in linux


Date command is used to set and display date and time of a linux box. Using date command we  can customize the date format according to our needs. Using date command we can assign date to our linux machine in two ways

1)Command prompt and


Most of the linux lovers used to work on command prompt so, I too start explain you how to set and customize date from command prompt/

How to set date and time from command prompt


# date {}
# date 013122192009.53
#date -s ” 24 JUL 2011 00:33:09″

-s option used to set, 24 is the date, JUL is the month, 2011 is the year, 00:33:09 is the current time

How to display the system date and time

Sun Jul 24 00:36:18 IST 2011

IST stands for indian standard time

#date +”%a %b %T %Y”

Sun Jul 00:38:19 2011

%a displays day, %b displays Month, %T displays time, %Y displays Time.

#cat /etc/sysconfig/clock —-> Configuration file for clock

How to change the time zone


Command used to change the time zone(e.g: “Asia/Calcutta”) information.

Another Method:

TZ=’Asia/Calcutta'; export TZ

Go to command prompt and type this or add this in .bashrc file.

How to view and Change hardware clock time(BIOS)

 Command to view what is the current Hardware time (BIOS)

Comman to change or customize the Hardware time(BIOS)

#hwclock –set –date “27 Sep 2011 23:01″