Cyber war got started between India and Bangladesh hackers

Cyber war got started between India and Bangladesh hackers

More than 20,000 Indian websites got hacked by the Bangladesh hackers groups yersterday . The Hackers had released a big list of hacked websites on this link “” . This list also includes some major Indian Government websites for NIC ,BSF etc.,

The hackers group called himself as Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers . In their Facebook fan page they written as

“India (hackers) hacked our 400 sites (May be less) in total, We hacked 20,000 (100/200 may be less) sites in total since the war started.”

Apart from this Black HAT Hackers group, two more Bangladesh based hackers groups named Expire Cyber Army and Bangladesh Cyber Army had also involved in this hacking. They reportedly locked horns with Indian hacking groups including Cyber Army and Indishell.

The Black HAT Hackers group said that their action was in response to the killings by the BSF personnel in the Indo – Bangladesh border

People’s from India expecting a massive reply from the Indian hackers to Bangladesh hackers.This action shows that the Cyber war between the India and Bangladesh has been started.

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