Custom Advanced Firewall Rule in Windows 7


Windows Firewall is a built-in feature which helps to provide protection from malicious users, programs and incoming traffic to attack computers. Comparing to the previous one, the new firewall in Windows 7 is advance. In older version on windows OS the firewall can be configured as single profile. Where as in windows 7 you can change the profile setting to Domain, Private, Public. According to your requirement you can custom the firewall profile and use it for different user session.

The new advanced firewall contains inbound and out bound rule to restrict the user or program. By default the settings in inbound is set to BLOCK and for outbound is set to ALLOW. You can custom these inbound and outbound rule to your requirement. Now we can see how to block a program using windows firewall.

Block Program using Windows firewall

Step 1 : Go to Control Panel >> Windows Firewall >>  Click Advanced Settings.

Step 2 : Now select Outbound rule and click New Rule. In Rule Type select Program and click next.

Step 3 : In program you can select all programs or you can set path of a particular program. Now i have selected Firefox.

Step 4 : Selected block and Click next to block Firefox.

Step 5 : Now select the profile to which the current firewall settings should work.

Step 6: Give the Name and Description about the setting and Click Finish.

Step 7:  Open Firefox and check for internet connection. If it has no internet connection, then you have correctly configured the firewall.