Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows XP & Windows 7

 Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows XP & Windows 7

Blue Screen problem is a big headache for user who use windows os. Some time it lead us to lose data and application from our computer. Many people don’t know how to fix this problem, they waste time in formatting the system and application installation. There is a simple way to fix this problem and also save your time . In this post i am going to explain you, how to fix blue screen problem using Recovery console.


Blue screen Error

Blue screen


Step 1         

Make CD Drive as first boot-able device using BIOS settings to start the process.


Step 2

Press any key to boot from CD or DVD (XP or Windows7)


Step 3

Now system will load files and finally ask for “Press R to Repair using Recovery console” in XP and “Repair computer” in windows 7


Step 4

Now type the command given below and hit enter to start the recovering process.


                                                        chkdsk c: /r

Console Recovery

Console Recovery


After the file check is over, type exit and restart the system and remove the CD or DVD.


Step 6

Check if the system is booting correctly, it should boot correctly now.

That’s all you have successfully solved Blue screen problem.

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