Arthimetic operators commands in linux


In this post i am going to explain various ways to arithmetic calculation in linux. Their are three commands to do arithmetic calculation. They are
2.let and



To subtract two number
#echo 6000-5816 | bc

To add two numbers
#echo 6000+5000 | bc

Using bc command we can add two variables
#c=15 ; d=25 ; echo $c+$d | bc

Command to multiply two numbers
#echo 5*5 | bc

Command to divide two numbers
#echo 5/5 | bc

Command to modulo
#echo 48%5 | bc


let command to add two numbers
#let a=5+6 ; echo $a

let command to subtract two numbers
#let a=36-6 ; echo $a

let command to multiply two numbers
#let a=5*6 ; echo $a

let command to divide two numbers
#let a=36/6 ; echo $a

expr :

Note:Use man expr for more details

To add and display the result
#expr 5 + 6

To delete and display the result
#expr 5 – 3

To Divide and display the result
#expr 25 / 5

To do modulo
#expr 25 % 3