Apple releases tool to remove flashback malware

Before a couple of week, a report says that about 600,000 Macs have installed the Flashback malware. The malware installs itself if a user visits a malicious website, potentially allowing them to be hijacked and used as a “botnet”. Now Apple released a tool to remove that flashback malware on infected Macintosh computers. Meanwhile Kaspersky, an another security firm has recalled its own Trojan-removal tool after it affected some user settings and apologized for the inconvenience.


The company said in a statement that “In some cases it is possible that the use of the tool could result in erroneous removal of certain user settings including auto-start configurations, user configurations in browsers, and file sharing data,”


Apple recommended to Update the software for all mac users with Java installed. The flashback malware removal tool is embedded into the latest security update to Java on Apple computers running Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7.


Apple asks their the users of infected machines running earlier versions of the operating system to disable Java in their web browser preferences to manage with the problem.


Intego, a Mac security software company said the malware was installs itself if a user visits a malicious website. The flashback initially was a “Fake Adobe Flash Installer (hence the named Flashback),” but After installing changed to act like a Software Update dialog, before using Java vulnerabilities to install.” If the Flaskback malware installed on the mac machines once, the hackers can able to control the system , steal personal information, including passwords.


Apple trying to improve their security for its online store iTunes due to growing number of complaints about some accounts being hacked.